Matthew Gonzales, better known as Lawz Spoken is a music producer born and raised in Nike county Beaverton, OR. Born in ’83, Lawz was the creator and founder of former Portland super group Sound Godz including 2-time World Rap Champion illmaculate. Ahead of their time in the local scene, the music group split up by unanimous decision to work on solo endeavors and projects.

Not only has he achieved praise from the underground Hip Hop scene from both coasts, working with recording artists West coast underground pioneer Okwerdz, Wordsworth, Access Immortal, Karniege, Planetary (of Outerspace) and more, but has experienced success with helping build the new generation NW scene with Epp, illmaculate, OnlyOne, Living Proof, Gray Matters, Sapient, 9DM & more.

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