[DOWNLOAD] Lawz Spoken – Standing In The Rain

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The official release of Standing In The Rain from Portland producer Lawz Spoken is now available for free download. 12 collaborative tracks produced all by Lawz Spoken features some of NW’s & Grind Time’s best kept secrets including illmaculate & Only One, Okwerdz, Epp, Chase Moore, Sapient (Sandpeople) and many more. Timed perfect for Fall of 2009, you can almost taste the Portland weather through your speakers, defining Northwest hip hop with every beat. Download this and give it to everyone you know, and stay tuned for The Rap Life EP in 2010.

Track listing:
01 Intro [Wake Up Everybody] ft. illmaculate
02 Sleep This Off ft. Epp, illmaculate & Chase Moore
03 A Love Thing ft. Tope
04 Cash Rules ft. DaiN
05 Roll Green Weed ft. Only One
06 Guns Money & Bitches ft. illmaculate, Okwerdz & DaiN
07 Standing In The Rain ft. Anonmis
08 My Legacy ft. Sole Pro
09 Get Up ft. 9DM
10 Babylon ft. Introspective
11 Different Dreams ft. Epp & Tope
12 Outro [It Keeps Raining] ft. illmaculate
BONUS TRACK – That [Black Out] ft. Sapient

Lawz Spoken – Standing In The Rain

Album Art by Craig Sprecher

Photograph by Josh Ellington

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