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Videos / June 2, 2011
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You’ll Never Be Famous Track Notes

News / June 2, 2011

Me & 9DM decided to write up some notes about each track. check it out & leave a comment.

1. You’ll Never Be Famous [Mr. Hollywood]

9DM: Miss Me With All That was the first track we laid down for this album. After we finished that song, Lawz gave me 5 more beats. This was one of them. Along with BLVD of Broken Dreams, Everywhere I Go, Red and Blue lights and one other one. This one sounded perfect as an intro to me. My friend had told me someone said that “I’m all hollywood now” So I incorperated that into the feel ofthe track.

LAWZ SPOKEN: I originally made this beat when i was working on the “RAP LIFE” album. When 9DM came at me with the idea for the album i knew it would be perfect for an intro on this project. I also used this beat for a Evidence remix i did. check it out on my website.

2. Everywhere I Go ft. P.C. Platinum

9DM: Once I got those first batch of beats from Lawz, I just went on a writing spree. I believe this beat had been up on his page and no one ended up buying it. I loved the beat and told P.C. Platinum I needed a 12 from him. Funny story, Lawz lives deep so I had to roll to his house after work on Fridays, stay the night and put in work. We were on our way to the last session (Volatile and Me in my whip, P.C. in his own) when P.C. rear ended me lol. We were stopped! Waiting to turn onto a main road and bam! Haha it left a little bit of gold paint, but nothing major. Still a great story though.

LAWZ SPOKEN: This was also in the first batch of beats i gave 9DM at the first recording session. it’s on some grimy rap shit. No hi-hats in this ma’fcka. kept it clean.

3. Dangerous

9DM: When I heard this beat I knew it was going to come out dope. I left a little more space in between the Dangerous sample than I had intended but I hoped an Echo would fill in the space of the writing. It was a fun track to write. I remember I hit the $3 theater to watch some movie that I had missed at the main theatre. I got a email from Lawz, downloaded the beat and wrote the chorus before I went in and watched the movie. I especially like the ‘…Windows tented on the Grey Lac (referring to BG’s old Cadillac he had…we used to roll out)/ King of the freestyle, yea I take em way back (that’s all we used to do, is hit up the Back Space and other spots around Portland/Vancouver and just freestyle) good times.

LAWZ SPOKEN: I made this beat towards the end of making the album. 9DM was hitting me up on the daily about beats. I had to keep up with em. I had this sample laying around for a while & decided to chop it up & came up with this gem. 9DM killed it.

4. Red & Blue Lights ft. Illmaculate

9DM: I actually had this beat before and never ended up writing to it. I couldn’t figure out a direction. Then I remembered a verse I had from like 2005. It’s the oldest verse I’ve always remembered just because it was so real. I tried laying it to the beat and it sounded perfect. I took a chorus from a mixtape track and tried to lay it down in my head. It didn’t fit write and I ended up writing the Red and Blue lights chorus. After that I added another story about something that happened when I was in high school. Everyone who went to my school knows the cop I’m talking about. Fuck You!

LAWZ SPOKEN: I made this beat about a year ago on some Cam’ron / Dip Set shit. I Don’t think 9DM liked it at first. It must of grew on him during the year he had it. I originally wanted Illmaculate to rap on the DANGEROUS track, but he jumped on this track & killed it like he always does.

5. Lay Em Down

9DM: Lawz played me this beat and I had to have it. I have a policy, Don’t play a beat if I can’t have it lol. This one was just reflecting on some things that went on after high school. Basically I moved out to sell drugs/smoke weed/drink/rap etc. Looking back I wasted a lot of time and energy and could have just invested in studio equipment and have multiple albums out. But experience is knowledge and it has helped me develop into the person I am. Hopefully my lack of music was a good thing. This was my first official album (I had like 5 albums over internet beats, 3 mixtapes but nothing like this) and I believe its the best i’ve ever been. I used to always think I was the shit but looking back, maybe I wasn’t ready to put music out yet. The time is now.

LAWZ SPOKEN: I didn’t really care for this beat, but 9DM liked it. So i fixed it up and sent it over. Still wasn’t feeling it til 9DM recorded the song. Now it’s the joint.

6. Wire Tap

9DM: On this track I just went off on snitching. My homies P.C. Platinum and Spade were both snitched on and in turn spent around 2-3 years in prison. Just a middle finger to the people who put my friends away because they weren’t man enough to take the repercussions of their own crimes. I was bugging Lawz non stop for new beats. I have a short attention span and new we needed to get this album done with in a month and a half. We ended up staying on schedule the whole time. I sent him a sample I liked. He couldn’t use the intro I liked because the timing was off but he found another piece to sample and killed it.

LAWZ SPOKEN: I was making beats daily & sending them to 9DM as soon as id finish em. He’d have the song written before i finished the next beat. Dude is a beast. I instantly knew this was a 9DM beat when i heard the sample. If you hate snitches, this is your joint.

7. Poison

9DM: This is a beat I heard at Lawz crib. He didn’t like it. I loved the poison sample. I had him loop the last 4 bars for the entire 16 just because I liked how it flowed a little more than the first 12 bars. Turned out dope. I was going to try to stay on the same subject as the first verse but it was easier to switch topics but stay on the poison concept. I think it came out dope.

LAWZ SPOKEN: Here’s another beat that i didn’t like until 9DM rapped on it. I had this one sitting in reason for about 6 months before anyone heard it.

8. What’s New

9DM: I was sitting at BG’s house and I seen this Honda mini van commercial. You probably recognize the sample now that I said that. It was playing during the commercial and I googled it. Figured out what it was, sent it to Lawz and he came back with the beat. It had the hype feeling so I just went with that Fuck You feel.

LAWZ SPOKEN: Getting closer to wrapping up the album & 9DM needed more beats. I’m out of samples so he decides to send me some samples. Sent the beat back to him the same night & he killed it.

9. Walk of Fame

9DM: I was at work when Lawz sent me this one. I remember hearing it like “O.K. I can flip something to this”. I worked on it at work (where I do a lot of my writing) and finished it off when I got home. I remember writing the 3rd on the kitchen counter just wanting to get it done and move onto another track. When I get into the writing zone and I can actually record it with in a week or so, I don’t want to stop.

LAWZ SPOKEN: I got on my ALCHEMIST shit on this beat. I was going to save this for an upcoming album, but it fit You’ll Never Be Famous perfect. I love this beat.

10. Any Risk

9DM: I heard this sample from Styx. Actually I heard a few samples from Styx that we used. I sent it to Lawz. I think he had already flipped it before but said he would try to switch it up. The chorus originally repeated but I thought that taking out 4 bars of it would make it hit harder. I just went on some story telling schemes about taking any risk to get rich/live life.

LAWZ SPOKEN: 9DM sent this sample for me to make something with. I’ve flipped this sample before, but the old beat sucked so i re-chopped it & came up with this.

11. Miss Me With All That ft. OnlyOne and P.C. Platinum

9DM: Like I said this was the first track we did. I went over to Lawz house to lay my verse for CHRON. I brought P.C. Platinum with me because he just got out like the week before. I wanted to get on a track with him and Only. This is the beat we picked. OnlyOne basically arranged most of the chorus. I was going to put it online but when Lawz said he had some other beats I started thinking big picture. What originally was going to be an EP, turned into a 10 track album (which secretly in my head was going to be 15 tracks lol) then turned into what you hear today “You’ll Never Be Famous”.

LAWZ SPOKEN: This joint right here is my shit. A real grimy beat i made about a year ago. I originally was going to use it for CHRON, but it didn’t fit the feel of the album. We recorded this song the last day of recording the CHRON album. We stay grinding. Shout out to OnlyOne & PC for MURDERING this for us.

12. Your Call

9DM: This was another sample I heard and sent Lawz. He flipped it perfectly. I just remember vibing to the beat and just started writing. This is one of my favorite tracks style wise.

LAWZ SPOKEN: This was in the batch of samples 9DM sent during clutch time. I’m always down to flip a sample someone sends me, but only when it’s on some shit i’d flip, so don’t send me any weak samples & no free beats. ha.

13. If I Can’t Be With You

9DM: I don’t do story telling often. On this one, it was just begging to be a story track. I started writing this long drawn out story. Mid way through I wrote a chorus for it and separated the verses into 16s. Once that was done everything started tying together. This is one of my favorite tracks personally because it’s outside of my comfort zone. I think people who love music can appreciate this one.

LAWZ SPOKEN: Here’s another beat i made that i was going to hold for my next project, but knew 9DM could kill it on some storytelling vibe & thats exactly what he did. I like this song alot because i can picture the story in my head. This would be a dope video. Who wants to shoot the video?

14. Down For The Cause

9DM: Another sample I sent Lawz and he destroyed it! This beat is so filthy to me. This was the last song that I wrote for the album. I thought it would be a perfect pre outro song. Get the album hype and then give you another track afterwards to slowly end the album. Shout out to Verbz for playing this soon after at one of the GTNW events.

LAWZ SPOKEN: 9DM sent me this sample. i remember he wasn’t sure if i was going to like the sample or be able to make something out of it. As soon as i heard the sample i knew i was going to make an anthem out of it. Got the sample chanting in the background, fast hi-hats & a bass that bangs. 9DM killed this. Definitely one of my favorite songs on the album.

15. BLVD of Broken Dreams

9DM: This was on of the original 5-6 beats I got from Lawz. I knew I wanted it to be the outro. I wanted to connect it to the concept of You’ll Never Be Famous and when I stumbled across the line ‘Welcome to Hollywood, blvd of broken dreams’ it just all came together from there. I was searching for samples to use on this album like CHRON but didn’t want to steal their scheme. I couldn’t find any good ones except the woody allen sample you hear at the end. I knew I had to use it. So shout out to my first album featuring P.C. Platinum, OnlyOne, Illmaculate, Lawz Spoken……and Woody Allen!

LAWZ SPOKEN: i made this beat the same week i made the intro beat. I always had it planned that this would be the outro and the other would be the intro to one of my albums. What do you know, it happened. I try and Keep my beats different and come up with my own sound. i feel that I’ve done that on CHRON & You’ll Never Be Famous. Coming up next is Ferrari Rap Volume Two. You’ll hear a different side of my beats on that album, so make sure you keep your ears pealed & eyes open for that one. Shout out to 9DM, illmaculate, OnlyOne, Pc Platinum, Craig Sprecher, Verbz & anyone else who supported or had anything to do with the album. From telling your friends, to retweeting my post’s on twitter. All the support is appreciated. ‘Til the next album.


Videos / May 26, 2011
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Here’s ME showing YOU a new beat.

illmaculate vs 9DM [GRIND TIME BATTLE]

News Videos / May 25, 2011
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Check out this illmaculate vs 9DM Grind Time Now battle. Two of my beats play at the beginning of the battle. Don’t forget to goto CDbaby or iTunes & cop that 9DM & Lawz Spoken – You’ll Never Be Famous album for $7.99.

9DM & Lawz Spoken – You’ll Never Be Famous [AVAILABLE NOW]

News / May 24, 2011

I’m mean but I’m so nice9DM

You’ll Never Be Famous, a powerful collaborative album from the likes of two of the Northwest hip hop’s finest. 9DM, an MC native to Vancouver Washington with a machine gun flow adds his rhymes to the dramatic rock inspired thunderous beats of seasoned producer, Lawz Spoken. You’ll Never Be Famous is the second collaboration between 9DM and Lawz Spoken, after recording an EP in 2007 that was shelved and later released as Ferrari Rap Volume One. You’ll Never Be Famous reflects the considerable growth both producer and MC have made in the last 4 years and is the perfect follow up to Lawz Spoken’s recently released CHRON album with fellow Portland artist, OnlyOne (of SandPeople) which was received with overwhelming positive regard.

The song, “Miss Me with All That” marked the completion of CHRON and the beginning of the creation of You’ll Never Be Famous. The track features both 9DM and OnlyOne along with P.C. Platinum, a long time friend of 9DM. The album also features two time World Rap Champion, Illmaculate (also a member of SandPeople) on the song “Red & Blue Lights.9DM has proved to be a ferocious competitor in the battle rap world. In a two year span, 9DM has over 13 battles against some of the world’s toughest competition in the world’s biggest battling league, Grind Time Now. His battles average over 35,000 views each on YouTube. 9DM’s latest battle against long time partner in rhyme, Illmaculate, is sure to see over 100,000 views alone and is arguably his best battle to date. Songs from You’ll Never Be Famous have already been spun by Portland DJs and received radio play on 107.5 Wild FM.

You’ll Never Be Famous balances the aggressive nature of both of the artist’s styles with personal reflection on the part of 9DM. It’s clearly his strongest and most complete effort to date. Lawz Spoken provides lush backdrops with his ever refining style. You’ll Never Be Famous is filled with dynamic crashing beats crisply mixed by DJ FlipFlop (DJ for CunninLynguists). The album will be available on iTunes & on May 24, 2011. Please contact 9DM and Lawz Spoken for more details and interviews.


Artwork by: Craig Sprecher

Mixed & Mastered by: DJ FlipFlop

Press Release Written by: Grant Stolle



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